I am a feminist researcher with a focus on gender, conflict and civil society, especially in the former Soviet Union. This blog contains reflections on peace research (methodology, fieldwork, emotions and ethics), local/global/transnational feminisms, and post-socialist/wider European politics.

I am currently affiliated with Gender, Culture & Society at the University of Limerick, where I am working on a series of publications connected to my PhD thesis on Women’s Activism, Peacebuilding and Political Transformation in Armenia and Azerbaijan: A Transnational Feminist Analysis (Trinity College Dublin, 2016, funded by the Irish Research Council).

‘Home’ is in Co. Limerick, Ireland, but it has also been various parts of Dublin, Moscow, Perm, Belfast, Baku, Yerevan and Berlin. I hope to live in at least some of them again.

My long-term goal is to write a book on transnational feminist dialogues in the South Caucasus; my short-term goal is to become adept at Twitter (@SineadBhreatnac).


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